Basic Seamless Tileable Texture in Photoshop Tutorial

In my first tutorial I will walk you through creating a basic seamless tileable texture in photoshop.

1. Selecting an Image

seamless texture tutorial image

Try to use a texture with  fairly consistant color and pattern.

Step 2 . Crop the Image

seamless texture tutorial image croped

Let’s crop the image square to make it easier to work with. From the top menu bar select click control while dragging the rectangular marquee tool. Then select  image>crop.

Step 3 . Offset the Image

seamless texture tutorial image offset

Now we will “offset” our texture into four equal parts. The offset is whatv will allow the texture to tile seamlessly.  Select Filter > Other > Offset.

Enter Half of the images horizontal and vertical demensions.This will put the seams directly in the middle making them easier to  see.

Step 4. Removing the Seams with the Clone and Spot Healing Tool

With the clone stamp tool, you can clone  a portion of an image and then paint it onto any other part of the image. The size of the area copied depends on the brush size you select from the brushes pop-up menu on the tool’s options bar.

The spot healing tool is different from the clone and healing tools in that it does not require you to make a selection or define a source point before using it. The spot healing tool is more random automatically samples from around the retouched area.

With the clone tool selected hold down the Alt key while clicking to sample the area of the texture you want clone. Then move the pointer to where you want to apply that texture and click. A cross-hair will be at the spot where you Alt-clicked.

By selecting texture from random areas on the image, then painting them on the seams, we can blend all four sections of our image together.

This is what my seamless texture looks like after a few minutes of cloning and healing:

seamless texture tutorial image finished

Step 5. Check For seamless tileability

All that is left to do is check how your texture tiles and to set it as a pattern. To do so go to Edit>Define Pattern, and insert the desired name that you want.

seamless texture tutorial image feature repeat

As you can see there are some elements we need to remove to make the repeat pattern not so visible.

seamless texture tutorial image finish 2

That looks better I think.

I thank you for your time and I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. -widaca